Welcome to Lazaro Garcia Middle School.  

Bienvenidos a Lázaro García Middle School.  


 From the Principal's Corner

We the staff and students at the Lazaro Garcia Middle School welcome you to our website. This website will be updated periodically to keep you informed of news at the LGMS. Our missioin at the LGMS is to serve our students with the best educational practice.  In doing so, we as educators have high expectations of both parents and students. Together we can lead and move forward in the education of our students and prepare them for this competitive world. At LGMS we value parental involvement. I encourage parents & community members to be part of our Advisory Committee to share and implement ideas for the benefit of all. 

 Como directora del programa bilingüe, les voy a mandar noticia de actividades de entretimiento que esperamos tener el próximo mes. Y con mucho gusto espero su apoyo.

 We are hopeful of a prosperous school year at the LGMS. Please visit us again!! 


Como servidora y principal,

 Señora Pauline Durán